Homophones - words with the same sound, different spelling and different meaning.




Homophones are words that have the same sound but different meanings and different spellings.

For example: there, they’re, their/ to, too, two /been, bean /witch, which/bye, buy, by/ here, hear/pear, pair, pare/ isle, aisle, I’ll/ allowed, aloud/ ate, eight/ new, knew/ piece, peace/ genes, jeans/ here, hear*

*These words are often used incorrectly in writing. The computer will not show it's a mistake because it's not a spelling mistake.

Using memory tricks will help sort out which witch is which.


The most common mistake is with there, their, they’re

there = place. Use a word within a word memory trick here there where

their = possession. My car, their car.  their - = my = their.  Or word within a word - their heir

they’re is a contraction of they are so when reading your work back say they’re as they are and you’ll soon see if it fits.


hear or here?  Hear with your ear (a word within a word memory trick.)

here there where = place

stationery or stationary? Remember the memory trick? 

Stationery = envelopes.  Stationary = at the station.


piece or peace?  Remember the word within a word? A piece of pie.   

  peace and love  .

Check out the video below


Let’s do a spelling test, this time it’s a dictation of some sentences with homophones in them. I’ll say the sentence about three times, first at normal speed then slower. If I go too fast then just pause the player on the screen or slide it back. Go at your own speed no problem.

Do you have a pen and paper ready?

OK. Press the start button below, wait a few seconds to load


Download | Duration: 00:15:17

When you've finished check the sentences below carefully and underline the problems and see if you can come up with memory tricks to help.


The following are the spelling test sentences.  I've underlined the homophones.

1.  I want to buy a new pair of jeans because I’ve put on weight and my waist has expanded.

2.  This week I felt so weak, I don’t know why, maybe because I ate nothing for days.

3.  He’ll go back to his country when there is peace but he might have to wait for years.

4.  The new train was stationary for hours because of the weather.

5.   Their country is too dangerous so they’re allowed to stay here.

6.   I threw some meat away because it tasted like wood.

7.   He knows his nose is big and people stare.


How did you do?

Check the sentences carefully. Any problems? Can you think of a memory trick to help with knowing which homophone is which.

Remember by coming up with your own memory tricks it helps fix the word in your memory.

**Just work on the words you have problems with don’t worry about words you’re OK with.


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The following is a list of the most common homophones – what a quagmire!

The computer won’t tell you it's the wrong spelling because they're the right spelling just the wrong word, so be careful.



aisle/isle/I’ll                            allowed/aloud                        aren’t/aunt

ate/eight                                 ball/bawl                               band/banned

bear/bare                                be/bee                                   bean/been

blew/blue                               board/bored                           brake/break

buy/by/bye                             caught/court                          ceiling/sealing

cell/sell                                  cent/scent/sent                      cereal/serial

check/cheque                        sight/site                                coarse/course

cue/queue                              currant/current                   days/daze

dear/deer                               dew/due                                  die/dye

draft/draught                           fair/fare                                  farther//father

find/fined                                 flaw/floor                                flew/flu/flue

flour/flower                              for/fore/four                            genes/jeans

grate/great                              groan/grown                           guessed/guest

heal/heel/he’ll                      hear/here                                heard/herd

he’d/heed                                hi/high                                     higher/hire

hour/our                                  knew/new                               knot/not

knows/nose                             licence/license                        loan/lone

made/maid                             mail/male                                 meat/meet

meter/metre                           missed/mist                             morning/mourning

one/won                                 pair/pear/pare                         pause/paws/pores/pours

pee/pea                                 peace/piece                             place/plaice

plain/plane                             praise/prays/preys                   rain/rein/reign

raise/rays/raze                       rap/wrap                                 raw/roar

right/rite/write                          road/rode                          role/roll

root/route                                rose/rows                          sale/sail

saw/soar/sore                        scene/seen                            sea/see

seam/seem                            seas/seize/sees                     so/sew/sow

some/sum                              son/sun                              stare/stair

stationary/stationery               steal/steel                               storey/story

tale/tail                                 there/they’re/their                  threw/through

throne/thrown                       tide/tied                                  to/too/two

waist/waste                            wait/weight                             war/wore

weak/week                             weather/whether                    which/witch

who’s/whose                           wood/would

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